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Luks Pay

Payment system for money transfer

LuksPay is an online wallet that allows users to send and receive payments quickly, effortlessly, and securely. The payment system allows transferring money conveniently from and to anyone. Everywhere in the world. Moreover, with this online wallet, users can optimize their payments and purchases and set up a merchant account for seamless online business.

Expertise Delivered
UI/UX Design
Business Analysis
Mobile development

16 Team Members.

6 months.

to start PCI DSS certification with the MVP version

12 months.

to be ready for launch

The Challenge.

Luks Pay was aimed to be the convenient solution for users in transferring money to any payment system, any card or cryptocurrency wallet. We were challenged to create a system that can be secure, reliable, scalable and fast to pass PCI DSS certification and receive the EMI compliance certificate. Our task was also to make it possible for Luks Pay to integrate with other payment systems and at the same time to be the merchant for e-businesses. The system had to be convenient for both the regular users and business representatives.


GTM Plus implemented the web and mobile applications featuring:

  • User management system
  • Merchant account for other businesses
  • A clear user interface to make money transfer for users simple and fast
  • Luks Pay integration with other payment systems
  • A reliable payment gateway for the system
  • QR-code payment option for user convenience

The Solution.

Our team delivered a secure, reliable, fast and scalable system on both web and mobile platforms. User reviews showed us that it is easy to use in terms of UX. With the help of our tech team, Luks Pay started the process of PCI DSS and EMI compliant certification.

Key Features.

  • Creating & adjusting payments within the system
  • Possibility to pay using cryptocurrency
  • Secure payments with credit and debit cards
  • Possibility to integrate with other payment systems
  • Merchant functionality of the system

Stack of Technologies.

We delivered Luks Pay in a microservice architecture.
The backend part was built with Java 8, Spring 2.0, Spring 5, Netflix OSS (Eureka, Zull) frameworks. We also used MongoDB and Mysql, Vault DB as secure storage. Amazon SQS and SNS for sending messages. The solutions for the infrastructure: AWS, Jenkins, and Docker. The front end part was implemented using the React framework. Mobile apps: IOS - Swift, Android - Kotlin.

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