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Online new world. What to outsource in 2021?

It’s been a recent technology trend to outsource some non-critical tasks to third parties. But 2020 changed everything. At one point we moved to online work, we lost all the borders and challenges for outsourcing, thus it becomes closer, easier, common, and more affordable. Outsourcing is a great business tool that helps a company to focus on the most important business processes. What advantages we receive here and what business functions are easy to outsource in 2021?

IT Management

IT industry is one of the largest in IT outsourcing. You can find here the managed IT service provider or the staff augmentation partner, depending on your needs, budgets, and core team expertise. You can find a wide range of IT outsourcing companies that would definitely fit your specific requirements. Represented vendors would cover even product design or technical support.

Quality Assurance

Your customers desire the best quality of the product. While no one can guarantee 100% success, at the same time an outsourced QA team will definitely help you to find the mistakes before the product goes to the market. Hire the outsourced team or a part of a dedicated team of the quality assurance team in order to be confident in delivering the best value to your customers. 

Customer Support

If your business is working with the customers via e-mails or phone calls, it might be a great choice to outsource this unit to other countries. Here you have the benefits: the customer support office can be based in the region where your customers are, thus you have a similar cultural background and fewer language barriers; you can gather the team around the world in order to cover all 24 hours of the day.

Human Resource Management

Are you having trouble with recruiting or onboarding or retaining your employees? If there is a pain in some of the words mentioned above – maybe it is time to find the HR outsourcing partner. Those companies are building the HR strategy for your business, thus you can focus on your main business and be sure that the best candidates would join your team and work productively with you. The HR agencies can also help you if you are planning to extend your team to another country. In this case – it is better to find them on the local market.


This area is the most important and common to outsource for the small and mid-size businesses. Let the financial experts deal with taxes, payrolls, compliances, and other things that may take too much time for non-expert and too much cost if you have this team in-house.

The last two functions and even more are easily covered nowadays by the PEO companies, which are getting more and more popular. In order to read more about PEO companies, follow the link on Design Rush here.

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