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Banners App

Mobile app for an advertising startup

Banners App is a platform that allows users to view exclusively relevant ads every time they unlock their smartphones. The system automatically narrows the ads, offers, and bonuses according to the user’s content preferences and chosen ads frequency.

Expertise Delivered
UI/UX design
Business Analysis
Digital Marketing

12 Team Members.

2 months.

to launch a mobile application

14 months.

of tech support & ongoing improvement

The Challenge.

Our main task was to create an application beneficial for both advertisers and people viewing the ads. We aimed to show users that the ad materials could be relevant and appropriate while bringing the extra earnings without efforts. The solution was to be well-functioning to cope with the high workload and handle a huge amount of data. What’s more, an application had to be lightweight for the device storage.


The main results GTM plus engineers managed to deliver:

  • Fully responsive mobile application for Android developed
  • Heavy-duty system to process large data volumes is built
  • Attractive & quite simple user interface provided
  • A custom content extension added to manage banner displaying
  • Application synchronized with EasyVisual - app for businesses to place ads

The Solution.

Launched in 2018, the application has 500,000+ downloads in more than 100 countries now. A couple of thousand users rated Banners App with 5 stars, claiming it is easy to use and rewarding in their day-to-day lives while using appropriately.

Key features.

  • High performing system for quick data processing
  • User-friendly management system
  • Customized advertisement content for users
  • Ability to set up preferences & intensity of banners shown
  • Сash withdrawal in the cryptocurrency

Stack of Technologies.

The backend part is built with GoLang with Beego and Echo frameworks, MongoDB as main data storage, Amazon Redshift, and Redis, ActiveMQ as a message broker. To build an infrastructure AWS, Jenkins, Docker (partly) were used.
Mobile version for Android is developed with Android SDK API, Kotlin 1.3 (+ Coroutines), JetPack.

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