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GTM Plus is Proud to be Named a Top Development Partner in the Czech Republic

Every year Clutch and Manifest create the lists of Top Companies in different industries based on clients’ reviews on their websites. This time we have good news: GTM Plus has been featured as one of the leaders and we are among the Top 3 Development Partners in the Czech Republic!

As a result of quality work, GTM Plus got many positive reviews from clients and in recognition of their accomplishments and success, GTM Plus earned themselves a spot on Clutch’s leading development partners in Czech!  

Moreover, GTM Plus has also been chosen by The Manifest as a leading software development partner in the Czech Republic!

“We’re a software development company that specialized in building dedicated teams and providing end-to-end software engineering services for startups. We focus on application development, whether it’s web, mobile, or desktop. We take care of the technical heavy lifting so people can focus on other crucial growth operations.

For us it’s a big achievement to have been listed as a leader of top B2B companies in Czech Republic. It’s not easy to keep this rhythm during a coronavirus pandemic, but this reward shows us that our hardworking team is doing everything right!”, – comments CEO of GTM Plus Nelia Kovbasa.

Shortly about Clutch.

It is a B2B market research authority that uses a ratings-based methodology to compare and contrast leaders across a number of service sectors. They do in depth interviews with clients to assess vendor impact in categories like quality, pricing, and customer service. Then, those thoughts are transcribed and edited for clarity and length by the Clutch team. Finally, the case-study like review is published to GTM Plus profile and assigned a rating out of 5 stars. 

We’re happy to report that GTM Plus earned a perfect five out of five stars on Clutch!

Take a look at our most recent reviews.

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