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5 Reasons to Hire Ukrainian Developers

Nowadays, many companies consider offshore development due to a number of reasons such as cost, quality, or expertise. In order to find the right software development partner, the potential customers review, get feedback, and analyze the potential services providers with whom they consider further cooperation. Recently, Ukraine has been among the top countries, and the customers hire Ukrainian developers for several reasons. Let’s discuss all of them in detail.

Reason #1. Market Capacity

One of the biggest reasons to hire Ukrainian developers is its IT market capacity. Nowadays, the Ukrainian IT pool is full of experienced specialists. The talent pool of the Ukrainian IT market is now approaching 200,000 tech specialists; the flow of investments in the Ukrainian IT market is increasing; so, its market capacity is also growing.

Reason #2. Reasonable Pricing

One of the most undoubtful advantages of hiring software developers in Ukraine is the fact that most Ukrainian IT companies provide their services for a reasonable cost. According to Clutch.co, the average rate of Ukrainian IT companies is between $25 and 50 dollars per hour. All software development companies in Ukraine accept payment in different currencies: dollars and euros. That’s why it’s very convenient to outsource to Ukraine.

Reason #3. Fast Staffing

When you outsource your software development to other countries, you save a lot of time on staffing. Ease of staffing is a considerable advantage of outsourcing to Ukraine as you don’t have to spend your time and costs on searching, recruitment, and hiring. In other words, when you outsource your software development to other countries, you cast off responsibility and risks associated with recruitment. While launching new products, time is key and that’s another reason why startups augment their development teams in countries with a bigger qualified talent pool.

Reason #4. Variety of Expertise

Apparently, when you are looking for a reliable partner for outsourcing, you want to rely on your potential parter’s expertise. Ukrainian IT specialists are known for their great expertise in Information technologies. According to the rating compiled by HackerRank, a platform for hiring developers, in 2018, Ukrainian devs ranked 11th. Many IT specialists in Ukraine have expertise in the top programming languages, such as Java, JavaScript, Node.js, Scala, Kotlin, Swift, and PHP.

Reason #5. Employees Attitude

The last, but not least important reason to hire Ukrainian ios and java developers is employees’ attitude. Most Ukrainian IT companies are trying hard to create a comfortable working atmosphere and lots of opportunities to develop their skills. Thus, when employees work in a comfortable environment, they are motivated to perform well and have better results.

Possible Concerns with Hiring Ukrainian Software Developers

Some of the greatest concerns you should pay attention to while hiring software developers in Ukraine include. In this respect, you have to choose your potential software development partner extremely carefully. For instance, you can use such platforms as Clutch.co to check companies’ profiles and read their customers’ reviews.


If you want to get a high-quality software product at a reasonable price, consider hiring Ukrainian software developers. Market capacity, reasonable pricing, fast staffing, a variety of expertise, and employees’ attitude are some of the most undoubtful advantages of outsourcing to Ukraine. It’s all about us, GTM Plus, and, if you are looking for a reliable partner, do not hesitate to contact us.

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