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Easy Visual

Online advertising platform

An online advertising platform for businesses to promote their products among the right audience, based on topic, preferences, and demographics. Advertisements are shown to users immediately after they unlock their smartphones.

Expertise Delivered
UI/UX design
Digital Marketing

14 Team Members.

3 months.

to launch the first web version

13 months.

of ongoing development

The Challenge.

The core idea of Easy Visual is to simplify the job of marketing specialists, advertising agencies and business owners by creating an advertising platform catering exactly to the loyal audience. We were challenged to enable splitting the whole audience into smaller ones to customize the content for each of them. Quick and effective advertising is the key goal of the project.


GTM plus team have developed the web application, accomplishing the tasks below:

  • Implemented authorization and profile management system
  • Enriched campaigns management functionality
  • Added possibility to gather statistics & compare campaigns performance
  • Built a clear user interface to make advertising for users simple as ABC
  • Enabled money transferring function & tracking all the transactions
  • Provided software testing to ensure a smooth app functioning

The Solution.

Our diligence resulted in an easy-to-use advertising platform, quite helpful & effective in the audience coverage. Today, clients can create an advertising campaign in 3 steps and appeal to more than 3,5-million audience. Easy Visual has received 745+ million views since the platform was launched. The price of a campaign starts at 1 cent, which makes the service affordable for anyone.

Key features.

  • Creating & adjusting advertising campaigns
  • Setting up a campaign’s budget starting from 1 cent
  • Money transferring & transactions tracking
  • Setting up the target audience with 8+ parameters
  • Tracking the analytics of campaigns effectiveness

Stack of Technologies.

Backend stack includes PHP 7.2 with Symfony framework, MySQL 5.7 RDMS and provides GraphQL interface for clients. Frontend part is powered on Angular 7 and RxJS using HTML 5, CSS 3, TypeScript.

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